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I’ve been letting money get in the way of me and my dreams for a just world where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and love.

No more.

Money is not the issue. Our own belief in our self is the issue.

I know this from my own experience.

I’ve been letting it hold me back too.

No more. I am out of money. None at all. Well, $27 in my pocket. No more anywhere. My wife doesn’t work.

And that is all it will take to change the world.

I can’t tell you want you should do. You can only tell yourself that. I can only tell you what I am going to do, and why, and what I think that will start.

You will have to decide for yourself if you want to help or if you too are a crazy motherfucker like me and want to give this a shot.

Tomorrow, I’m going to make my way to Orlando, FL. The home of Disney World. And I’m going to walk the 35-odd miles from Disney to Sanford, Florida the former home of Trayvon Martin. And I’m going to talk to Trayvon’s family if I can and learn their story. And I’m going to talk to the killer, if I can, and learn his story, the real story from his perspective. And I’m going to talk a bit with people about the real way that black and brown and red people are still being treated in the U.S.

Then I’m going to gather up my stuff, and any friends with me. And we are going to set off for New Orleans. On foot. And we are going to walk the 1306 miles from Sanford to New Orleans, Lousiana, and Montgomery Alabama to Savannah, Georgia in time for the Tall Ships Festival on May 3rd.

After the festival we are going to walk the 250-odd miles to Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta Georgia where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his sermons and help start the U.S. Civil Rights movement.

Then we are going to walk up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Harper’s Ferry, where John Brown tried to end slavery. Then to Gettysburg where Lincoln first called us to examine the test whether a nation conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal could long endure.

And we are going to march from Gettysburg to Philadelphia, the home of the Freedom Bell and where the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written.

And then only then are we going to march on D.C.

And it will be epic.

And I really hope it resonate with you all, because I’d love to have you along. It’s going to be one hell of a party.

The way to honor those who have suffered under the oppression of our current system and way of thinking, those who have died even, is to tell their story and tell how you were motivated by their story to do something when the time came. At least that’s why I’m going.

So, if it seems like this is something that fits with your style, let me know. I’d love to have your help. I’m going to need some, I don’t even have enough gas in my car to get to Orlando, but I’m going if I have to hitchhike.

I hope you consider it. Much love to a wonderful group.


That’s what we want isn’t it. Not all this violence and bloodshed and death and anger and deep crushing anguish of loss, unthinkable terrible throw you like a rag on the floor weeping loss.

That’s what Trayvon symbolizes. He’s the archetype for oppression. Oppression of women, of mothers. For what greater oppression can there possibly be than to take someone’s child for no fucking reason at all. Senselessly.

An innocent boy whose mother loved him so very much when she watched him laying on the bed so tiny and alive and scary. Who cleaned the shit off her dress after he sprayed her just before she was about to go out for the first time in weeks. Who cried when she heard the first words and realized they were for her.

Who beat herself inside every day when she was mean or short or didn’t have enough money to give her child the things she need.

Who laughed at him when he would hide his head under the edge of a diaper or bed sheet, laughing when they’d play peek a boo. Who tickled him until he giggled every night before she put him to bed.

That’s what we took from her. And all the other mothers, thousands of them, tens of thousands of them, millions of them every year, from senseless and unnecessary deaths. Preventable ones. And we are fucking doing it now.

Time to stop everything and take a stand. La Lysistrata even. No sex if you don’t march with me. End of story.

If a small group of Argentine grandmothers can take down a dictatorship funded by the CIA and U.S. military. Think what a group of connected, strong and powerful women can do.

So to all the strong powerful connected and beautiful women of the world, a question: Can you think of a time in your entire life that you felt ready to take a stand for women’s rights?

Or a time when you felt so close to losing everything you had fought so hard for?

Now is the time. You know it. I look forward to walking with you and learning from the women.

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