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Curtis Faith: Firm Permanently Barred by U.S. Government

Curtis Michael Faith Arrest

The real Curtis Faith story is tragic and resembles nothing like his autobiographical accounts. The Complete TurtleTrader first exposed the real Curtis Faith story, a story that reveals the extent to which false legends can be created on Wall Street.

The details, beyond the book, are overwhelming: Multiple Government documents and depositions, a Faith family member, other Turtles, performance records, direct interviews with Faith’s former business associates, a former employee and Faith’s own words–all show him different than his representations. For example, Faith declared in 2012:

“I am out of money. None at all. Well, $27 in my pocket. No more anywhere. My wife doesn’t work. I’ve spent every last dime working on trying to figure out a way to make a difference and now I’m left with $27. That’s a twenty and seven ones, two of them are pretty rough. A twenty and seven ones. And that is all it will take to change the world. What did Jesus say about the mustard grain. Hell, I’m Curtis Michael Faith, if I don’t have Faith who does?”

For further example, the following two depositions describe how Curtis Faith’s firm Acceleration Capital imploded: Deposition One and Deposition Two. Curtis Faith’s then partner Plyam explains how he and Faith met, what type of trading system they used, the ownership breakdown of Acceleration Capital, Faith’s background, the management fees, how much they put up to start Acceleration Capital and Faith’s subsequent disappearance. Further, a male employee was stealing money from Acceleration Capital to buy trips, buy cars, to pay for a gastric bypass surgery, to buy gifts for his boyfriend and to buy barbie dolls on eBay (Many files obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information requests).

Acceleration Capital permanently surrendered registration with the CFTC via settlement in January 2007 for what the CFTC believed were violations of the Commodity Exchange Act.

More Details

Curtis Michael Faith (2015 VIDEO)

Curtis Faith announces his recent jail time. Transcript and video available.

Curtis Michael Faith Random Statements (2012 VIDEO)

Curtis Faith, while wearing a hoodie, announces world movement. Transcript and video available.

Curtis Michael Faith Statements on Abraham Lincoln (2010 VIDEO)

Curtis Faith, after a 2010 gut feel ‘sell call’ of all world markets, announced that Abraham Lincoln was gay in a public video. Video shows Faith possibly impaired. Transcript and video available.

Curtis Michael Faith Statements on Obama (2008 VIDEO)

Curtis Faith asks Obama to listen to him. Transcript and video available.

Curtis Michael Faith Second Arrest

The Turtle story was fascinating and mysterious, but the veil has been lifted for the first time. If you want to know the true Turtle trading winners, and the true Curtis Faith story, The Complete TurtleTrader is your starting point.

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