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The Universal Chart; No Change

Some people focus on the past results of a trading system to gauge its success. Others only think about what happened last month. Both are wrong.

A great trend following system, adapts to change. Trend following successfully trades the charts below. Moreover, these 3 charts have no dates or times on them. Why? That information couldn’t matter less. Neither is there any mention of what market is being examined.

Universal Chart Example #1

Universal Chart Example #2

Universal Chart Example #3

Why no specific information on the charts? Why doesn’t it matter? Markets trend. They have trended for hundreds of years. If you know markets trend, and the price is the key, why does it matter what market the chart even represents?

Take a close look at 1 and 2 and see if you can guess the market. What’s the relationship? It’s the Japanese Yen and Cisco from the 1990s and the dot com bubble. There is no relationship, that’s the point.

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